Dead Men Don’t Talk Records And Social Media Ensure They Do


Setting The RECORDS Straight!

Dead men don’t talk? Oh well, records and social media ensure they do.

When some saw the church singer’s (minister) suicide was reflecting badly on the very wealthy pastors and church, wickedly they brought stories of the singer having sent nudes to a woman and it was leaked. Others said his wedding was called off by his would-be bride over his sleeping with someone else.

Now, while we resolve to no longer make popular anyone who commits suicide, we also believe we must finish this narrative that we started a while back of need for the society to know that because people are poor and jobless (singing gospel is a job or should be) it does not make them unmarriageable nor does it make them lazy. Many women have supported broke singers to serious wealth down the line. The church has too.

Speaking of the church and their treatment of their singers and other workers… especially their singers, let me give an example with Christ Embassy (Believer’s Love World)

Christ Embassy/Believer’s Love-world attracted youths with music. I remember groups like Gospel Light, Recky D, DC Envoys, etc, etc, many not even fully members of the church but all coming to “minister” and bring so many youths, youths who later grew up to become “church financiers” to the church. With a revolutionary gospel and lifestyle, ANCHORED ON MUSIC by these singer-ministers including Buchi, Christ Embassy grew and THEIR PASTOR BECAME A BILLIONAIRE.

For the “ministers/singers” upon whom the church built its appeal, they were FORGOTTEN and abandoned. The pastor became a billionaire. The church had become profittable for him but not for the singers who they deceptively tagged MINISTER so they think they are a part of the set up. They are not. THE PATORS WOULD NOT EVEN LET THE SINGERS SELL THEIR MUSIC IN CHURCH saying it competed with sales of pastor’s tapes and books. All of Gospel Light I know had to go abroad to survive, starting with Silas to Germany, Sam Soft to US, Jeff Ukiri to UK, Alec (Alec’s Music) to US etc. DC Envoys (Really Ayo Oritsejafor’s church but always in Christ Embassy then) disbanded with Gordons Berlusconi having a somewhat successful music career which he smartly built his immense comedy ability on. The other members, I do not know. I heard they are struggling seriously. Buchi’s saving grace is Alaba Market, not the pulpit. Etc etc.

It was only when the church could SIGN the young artistes and own their copyright and MAKE IT A BUSINESS OF THEIRS did they begin to sell the songs in the church. They built a top studio etc. The church had wised up to the MONETARY POTENTIAL OF MUSIC and harnessed it for itself. No thoughts to the older acts that watered the church’s early growth.

I hear they have changed and are supporting the Ebens etc without being on their label.

The point is owner-pastors should take care of their members as much as they can. It is terrible optics seeing them live so opulently and many of their members are starving. The protestant church is losing the PR battle. The Pope is kneeling and kissing feet while pastor-preneurs in Nigeria take photos in their private jets? displaying wealth while the nation’s economy tanks and people starve. Even billionaire politicians and 419 are decent enough to not flaunt wealth while others struggle. Many people abroad have ceased uploading pictures that show wealth not to make others back home struggling feel depressed. Our pastors do not think to do same.
And to add real salt to injury, they preach messages that celebrate wealth and make poverty seem a sin. They make pariah of the JOBLESS YOUTH

Yes I know. The church is not the government blah blah blah. I am not asking them to build industries or repair roads. But the scriptures tell of how the rich brought money and properties etc and shared with the poor in the early church. If this took place a little more today, I am not saying the church is not doing it. I see TB Joshua divide rice and hear of many of their generosity…but if they will share the billions more with the poorer members a little more, there will be fewer cases of depression and suicide in the church.

And more souls will be won to Christ thereby.

For now, I fear this will not be the last Christian to kill himself or herself in a way that will make the church look bad.

1st Peter 4:17.

“For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us….”

© Ukan Kurugh



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